Sunday, March 3, 2013

anniversaries - the tornado and I Love Mountains

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       Nearby West Liberty was horribly hit by tornadoes a year ago this weekend.  Here are six photos by John Flavell from the community commemoration gathering yesterday.  These images appeared in the Lexington Herald-Leader today.  The area is still hard at work rebuilding and, I am sure, still trying to find a way to come to terms with such unexpected and severe devastation.  
       I had two posts last March focusing on the tornado.  The first one is here, and the second one here.
       And this just in --  John Flavell has put a 5 minute slide show together called West Liberty, March 2012 -- March 2013.  It is so well done, with all the photos in black and white.  Bravo, John!  And thanks for sending out the link today!

        This year we are having instead day after day of snow flurries.  Here are three recent photos:
from above, the deck near the bird feeder

closer view of multiple bird tracks

snow flakes today, but no deer wandering through

      The other event I want to mention happens yearly, in February, because the problems it addresses are not yet solved.  Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) sponsors I Love Mountains Day at the Capitol in Frankfort, to increase the dialogue on coal mining issues.  And clean water.  And the health of people living near mining sites.  
      Many of us in Kentucky are appalled by mountaintop removal mining and by the control coal has over our politicians.  Obama is blamed and the EPA is disparaged, even though the reality is that much of the "good coal" has already been mined.  There can be death threats to people who speak out!  Yet no one is saying that coal miners are not important.  And jobs are of course tremendously important.  But ruining the water quality and taking away the tops of mountains to make bigger profits at the expense of the mountains and forests, our future and our health doesn't make common sense or any sense at all.  
      I wasn't able to take part in the march this year because I was in England, so here are the links to my posts from last year's march and the 2011 one
      Note: I am once again sharing this favorite photo of mine that I took in 2011.  I still have hopes of identifying the two guys in it.  I would like to get their permission to offer this photo for sale.  Isn't there someone who can help me???

      Next week I hope to honor the memory of Defford Alan McDaniel who died this week, just before his 56th birthday.  He is a member of a family I have known for many, many years, some of whom are our neighbors.   My love goes to each of you.  His passing affects us all.

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  1. Hey, Ann! I love to see the England photos and then the Kentucky ones. The beavers' work is incredible.

    Hope you are well. Keep on taking photos!