Sunday, March 10, 2013

Departures, Revisits, Arrivals

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        As I wrote in my last post, this week began with the funeral for Defford McDaniel, who died February 27 at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington.  He would have been 56 last Saturday.  
      The week long snow flurries and cold weather continued on this day.  Defford was buried in the McDaniel cemetery behind his home, and his bulldozer was used to carry the coffin up the mountain to the cemetery.  The transfer from hearse to the trailer happened near his house, and I had been asked to take some photos of those moments; almost everyone in the photos is related to Defford.  I am sharing a few of the photos today as a tribute to Defford and all his family. 


the view returning to the valley

       The revisits I refer to in today's post's title are thanks to the addition of a photo team member --  a new lens for my camera!  I had needed this one for ages, and I really needed it Sunday for the funeral but I didn't have it.  So I decided not to put off the purchase any longer and ordered one. 
       Yesterday was warm and dry, so I took the newly arrived lens out for some introductions -- me to it and it to the woods and paths and the barn, all near where I live.  I am not very geeky about my equipment, but it's so nice to have this lens (Canon 24 -105 f/4 L IS USM.)

another belly button

the log bridge, from above

designs inside the newer part of the barn

a corner of the oldest barn, located within the not-as-old barn....

      Two days ago, after visiting Defford's sister, Sandy, I got into my car to leave and just happened to look over at the truck I was parked next to.  I couldn't believe I had almost missed seeing this cat!  Luckily, I had my good camera with me, actually on the seat next to me, and the cat was gracious and/or comfortable enough not to disappear right away.  I didn't entirely notice, so to speak, the word on the tire sidewall until after I had taken the photo.  Now I'd suggest the image says something about arrivals, about getting to a place that feels good and right, about not always knowing where that place might be. 
      I wish everyone safe journeys.


  1. The pictures of Defford funeral were great and we can't thank you enough for being there and doing this tribute for him, it is truly an honor having you as a friend, and thank you again for always being there for my family and for me, greatly appreciated. I think your new lens seemed to work really well the pictures seemed to heve much closer details about them. Once again thank you for everything!

  2. Hello from Ann -- I am trying a new format for comments, and I should be able to reply to them as well. If you need an identity to get published here, use "anonymous." I believe I now will have the option of replying to your email address. This will be a work in progress for a week or two. Thanks for your patience!!