Sunday, March 17, 2013

mid March snow, rain and deer grazing

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        Almost two and a half years of weekly posts, and here I am for another one!  As usual, life happens in-between posts, so today I have decided to touch on this week's variety of happenings. 
       This past week found several close friends and a sister having hospital stays.  One of the friends is the woman whose wash is blowing in the wind.  She says she now thinks of me every time she hangs up the laundry....  Nice!  I am sharing this photo this time as a signal for all these illnesses and repairs to be done with and blown away.  Very far away.
        Our large neighborhood had another passing this week, Burbie Stone, age 92, whose reputation as a hard worker was legendary, on their land and in the garden and with their four children and their families.  We still use several quilts made by her.  She and her husband were married in the house where I now live, in 1939, back when it was owned by her parents.  As of Friday she is buried on the cemetery plot on our land, next to her parents, and I am sharing a photo from yesterday evening, the day after the burial.  I thank Burbie for her many generosities and her inspiring energy and can-do attitude.

        In the new and different department, my friend George Ella Lyon is experiencing an unexpected venue for the distribution of one her books for children,  All the Water in the World, illustrated by Katherine Tillotson (Atheneum, 2011).  A reduced-sized bilingual version is this month's offering in what I would call the industrial-sized boxes of CHEERIOS!  The book inside is featured on the front of its box.  I made a special trip to the supermarket cereal aisle to take a photo with my iPhone.  Her bigger book is better, of course, but nonetheless this is big news....

         Wednesday I was supposed to have my writers group in Lexington, but plans evolved, and I ended up in Louisville, for lunch, where three of us -- half of our full number -- had Jan's homemade soup and shared our words in progress.  Even this photo of Marie's table is a work in progress as shown by having only two soup bowls and not yet the third....

        I did use photography this week to link the local to the global, by honoring my husband, Francis, who had just made a fire in our cook stove, with a photo similar to one in the world news.  Well, sort of similar.  Similar enough.  The photo title is meant to be humorous, not disrespectful...

Papa Francis

       I did find time to continue time spent with my new lens, including a return visit Friday evening to the beavers.  I will share those photos next week.  For now here are some flowers found in our yard, seeds coming from somewhere and landing here, wonderful to see during this chilly wet day in northeastern Kentucky.

      I wish everyone good health, especially, this week.  I have updated my comment format, so I hope it is easier to use.  If you need to sign in, you can always use the "anonymous", and I should be able to respond to the email you use.  Like everything this week, this change is a work in progress, so I thank you for your patience and your support -- Ann

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