Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday, with family

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      I want to say, today, Sunday, that since I have been traveling in New England the past week, visiting old friends and seeing family, there has been no stretch of time for working on my blog.  BUT tomorrow I look forward to having a place, a working internet connection and the time to share some spring photos as well as who knows what else from today!  For now, I hope everyone, where ever you are in the world, is having a very good day.      Ann

         Greetings once again from the Bookmill in Montague, Massachusetts!  I am surrounded by a great variety of used books while using their electricity and wifi.  Outside there is a loud waterfall!  I am grateful.  The wonderful motto of this place continues to be "Books You Don't Need in a Place You Can't Find."  Today's photo from here:

          OK, now for some other recent photos.  The first is a Kentucky continuation, one readers of this blog have seen before, "Legacy."  Its early bloomers were once again in fine form:

      I intended to post more spring flowers this week, BUT with piles of snow still around me up here, I am going to save the flowers for next Sunday and do some "couldn't resist" images plus several from the family Easter gathering yesterday, at my cousin's home in Connecticut.

Everyone will just have to believe me that I am not making this up....

The barn rooster and the house are on the way to the Bookmill.  Since in New England March means "mud season," these colors really stand out.

        However, there can be beauty in nature even without the color of leaves.  This photo is the view from a friend's house which is located right on Mascoma Lake in New Hampshire.  I regret missing the shot of the same view early the next morning, with red tinged clouds.  It happened too quickly for me to photograph, so the image is one that got away even though I see it in my head.

      Now for a few images from the Easter gathering.  Relatives from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New York do this annually.  I have never before managed to be up east over Easter, so this year Kentucky was represented as well.  
      I hadn't known my cousin is a collector of Easter items, among other things. That said, she and her sister are artists, and I have always loved their work.  I don't use this blog for family news, so as usual I have chosen from the photos that could be of more general interest. 

        My last photo is of a less than two year old child gathering her eggs during the Easter egg hunt.  I will confess that this child is my dear granddaughter, on her first hunt, one of three kids looking for eggs.  Thank you, cousins, for such a wonderful and delicious day. 

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