Saturday, December 21, 2013

joyeux noel, happy holidays and safe travels!

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       This time of year has it delights and its challenges.  I'd wager the word TIME says it all.  We are keeping it simple here, but even so, there is always the feeling of wanting to do more.  I hope there are moments of light for everyone during these short days and long nights that are also part of the season in this area of the world.
         Writing those words reminded me of a Christmas long ago when we were visiting my husband's brother in Western Samoa while he was in the Peace Corps.  We were on a small island in the South Pacific, no motors, and the living structures were open to the air.  As we walked around, we heard a church group singing "O Little Town of Bethlehem."  I wondered what they must think of all the snow in that song!  The contrast struck me and opened my eyes to where I was and to what the people around me might be imagining. 

           This Christmas I have already been to and returned from where our son lives. In addition to the photos I shared last week from there is this self portrait -- thanks to their Christmas tree.  Such a photo is fun and easy to do!  Try it! 

       I am now going to share some favorite snow photos -- as the rain comes copiously down all around us. 
a favorite photo, taken by John Flavell, of the ice sculptures in one of our waterfalls

our deck and old barn and bird feeder and our walnut tree

our driveway last year

a bloom on the cactus I showed two weeks ago, from two years ago

the old out house, from out the bedroom window

         I am including yet again the photo of the cardinal that seems to be commented on a lot this year, even though I made the photo several years ago.  I guess its time has come!    

                                                       best wishes to everyone visiting this blog, Ann

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