Sunday, December 29, 2013

the ragged end of a trip away from home

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      SUNDAY EVENING: I am just now back home after a week away, and there are other things I get to do tonight instead of my blog!  O woe is me!  I look forward to finishing this post tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 30) to wish everyone a happy new year and to share some recent favorite photos taken by my family members.

     MONDAY MORNING -- I can now add that I am always happy to return to home even if it means we drove a full day in heavy rain across Maryland and West Virginia.  At least it wasn't snowing!

     I have indeed planned to share a few photos from my family -- but, since I am a privacy freak, I am not willing to identify them or show face photos.  (Usually I prefer to take faces.)  However, my daughter and my son have recently taken wonderful photos of their daughters which I am so glad I can share.  Both photos make me feel happy -- and proud of their photography eyes.  

      Is this a good photo or not!  I love it.  My daughter made this in a kind of furniture mart.  The hands in the pockets, the eyes on the rocking horse and the cat hat, and the unexpected sun glasses all crack me up, and I am impressed the photographer got the light so right.

      My son's recent photo of his daughter dancing also is full of feeling for me and has great light.  I imagine her getting caught up in the music being played and just going for it.  
      I happen to know she is wearing her favorite dress.  Since I have a fall photo of her in this same dress, with her looking away, I am including it here as well.

       Last week I saw my grandson, age 17, do this to a couch in the amazing flagship store for Yankee Candle, in Massachusetts.  I quickly asked him to do it again for this blog post to be written the next day. He was more than willing to help me out.  Thanks!  I appreciate the trust.

       Unfortunately, I don't have an appropriate photo of my son's son, who is so photogentic that it is impossible not to have his face in every photo.  I will keep trying, though, and add him in a later post.  I promise.

      On the way home, before the rains started, we had driven through New York City just to see this exhibit at the NYC Public Library's main building.  (There are 88 branches!)  It is showing only until March 23.  It is for lovers of children's books, since the exhibit focus is mostly historic, and the lighting is subdued, to preserve the photos and documents.  We thought maybe Saturday would be a slow day at the library, but the place was packed! The whole area was getting ready for New Year's Eve on Times Square nearby.  Crowds.  Confusion.  Traffic cops.  I took this photo with my iPhone; because of time restraints, I resisted taking the two famous marble lions outside, each with a huge green wreath around his neck.

        I wish everyone wonderful new adventures in 2014.  I have a new camera to learn about, and I am sure to share its thrills and struggles on this blog.  Happy New Year!!!



  1. Very good photos Ann as usual, I always enjoy your pictures of the family or of the outdoors or what ever you have. Love the picture in the furniture store with the cat hat and the sunglasses so cute. I enjoyed your visit today its great to have a friend like you, thank you for being my friend. I enjoyed the other blogs as well didn't comment on them so I will tell you now. Good job, Sandy

  2. Ann, every girl/woman should have a favorite dress that is red! Also note the eyes in the photographs on the wall behind your granddaughter with the hat in the store. Happy New Year to you darling! —Red

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