Sunday, June 22, 2014

a week of just being where I am

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       It has been the kind of week where even trying to take time this afternoon to pull together this post benefits from some dumb luck.  It is now 5 pm, and I think I'll make it this time....

        Here are photos from throughout the week: 
This year's hay fields seem particularly beautiful.  Some are already cut, but this one is not - yet.

    The milkweed starts again to be showy, and, to me, continues to be fascinating!

      Our son graciously brought his daughter here, from the west, for her summer visit - wonderful to see them both!  Luckily we have fiber optic wi-fi so that even from here he can do what needs to be done.
      Our grandaughter is staying for a whole week, though, on her own!

We've seen a deer along our driveway, and admired the neighbor's well-tended garden,
      and visited with our friend's rabbits:

      Then, after a few days, our daughter and her daughter came from the east, also for a week, which makes for a cousin overlap! This is "first time" wonderful.

    We have been swimming in our pond, watching a lot of hummingbird activity on our deck, 

AND yesterday all five of us here were on and in the Kentucky River, during a gathering in celebration of a wonderful man who died this spring, at age 100.  He would have loved the day honoring him.

 What a full and fine week. The last photo, below, is of one of the great-grandchildren from yesterday.   And all of us need to remember, as his great-grandfather would say: "be particular."

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  1. This week's blog shines in all directions like a star.

    Thank you!