Sunday, June 8, 2014

wanting to share some favorites

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      I am having a serious case of nostalgia today, feeling tender toward my life.  Therefore I have decided to simply share some recent favorite photos, and leave it at that. The making of a photo is often my way of connecting to where I am and making sense of it. They can speak to me and for me. 
      Also, I am finally mostly rested after my time away from home, and this is an excuse for celebration and for seeing these photos with new energy.

My neighbor thought that I would be interested in this swarm of bees in their peach tree.  And I was!! I have actually never seen a swarm before.  I love seeing something new -- and important.  I hope these bees have by now found a good and healthy home.  We need our bees.

Another first - taking a taking-off photo of a plane made by exended family members!!  They came by twice last weekend; in between they went to a wedding in Illinois! 
Before they left, we took a group photo -- Here I am being laughed at for making a photo of the photographer setting us up for the photo, which came out well.  Bravo!

Note: they both helped to build the plane and one at a time to fly it, but it can take two to get the baby ready before take off!!  We loved having them here in Kentucky, all three of them.

MILKWEED!  New plants.  So far, eleven marveling months of following the milkweed.
a side passage in Chipping Campden, looking lovely in the rain

Again from France:
the feather garden

the stork over head, surprising me

sweet talk

There are many things I love about this photo, especially the good fortune to be there to make it.

A photo I haven't shared yet  -- I am with friends, in Dinan in Brittany, and I thought this blue window and the flowers enchanting.  Again, I was just happy to be where I was and with whom I was.

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