Sunday, June 15, 2014

Route 32, within the Rowan County part, in the rain

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      This is Sunday, June 15 (Father's Day in the USA) so I could say, badly, that we are going "father" along Route 32 in today's photos.  I know, I left out an "r", but it can sound OK spoken aloud and quickly.... Early spring seems so long ago, but in reality I made these photos a brief 2 months ago, on April 11.
       I began by finding a place to park, near a Rowan County cemetery along Route 32.  The following photos are from that parking place or from my return nearby to the "main road." It was peaceful even in the rain. The house and the area around it are well kept up.  

Looking down toward the road from the cemetery area:

            Next I went back to driving along Route 32, first looking to the left:

          Then two views across from this "rejoining area":

       and then looking to the right, which is where I intended to go:

         A lonesome house on Route 32, but it provides my next pull-over spot:

         Farther along was another spot where I could pull over (note the same Stop sign in the following three views):

         Next, from that place, two views looking back to where I had come from (note the same "Curves Ahead" sign):

       Last for today, looking behind where I have been parked -- lovely!

       I have heard that remaking this road is inevitable, but I still dream of all the other uses one hundred million dollars could serve. I also wonder if ripping apart the existing community, with family members living near each other and such, is worth a more impersonal "normal" road that most people would simply drive on without noticing as many of the remarkable aspects of the current passage to Sandy Hook.  Again, I am particularly appalled that all that money will be spent to shorten a 40 minute journey BY SIX MINUTES!!  What about health care for veterans?  What about education for Kentucky students?  What about the environment that will NOT be enhanced by whatever construction that happens and which is noted to be currently unique, even for Appalachia?  I wish I could just accept what some want to call "progress", but for me it has to make more sense than what this particular road project has.  Or rather doesn't have.

      I do enjoy making photos like I have been doing.  Seeing with my camera.  Showing a story.  So here are the links to my earlier posts for Route 32: 
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