Sunday, June 29, 2014

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      Yesterday was my first day in ten without grandchildren visiting! I decided to distract myself by taking off, cameras in tow, grateful that the morning skies were cloudy and the light wonderful. I love enjoying where I live.
      I turned left at our mailbox, drove along, and soon saw that there was haying going on fields I have often filmed before. Fantastic. I turned off, and stopped near Jean's garden.  Jean has always loved her garden.  She is not able to work it like she used to, so I took some photos for her as well as ones of the work putting up the hay.  I didn't realize at first who it was operating the tractor -- I am just not an equipment geek.  (For example, it takes me years to notice after anyone on the ridge changes cars.)
       Anyway, it turned out Jamie was doing the raking, and he is an ace. That much I do know.  I'm continually fascinated by the patterns made by the hills and the hay.  

      Jamie's wife Susie was waiting with their bigger tractor which they were going to use later to gather the bales  -- before the rain came.  As she and I visited some, I noticed the color of her toenails next to the color of the tractor!  I got her permission to take a photo - I love it.  Thanks, Susie.   

Various stages of cut hay surround the garden.

       Before I got back home, I stopped to photograph another garden I admire every year. I have their permission to take photos of it, but I rarely get both the right light together with the time I'd need to work. So, some years, I never take a single photo!  Yesterday, however, I had both the light and the time.  
       Thank you, Margie and George -- sorry you weren't there so we could have a visit.

Notice the foot prints and the care taken!

The same row from the opposite end of the garden.
Note the creative use of old tobacco sticks...

such a beautiful cabbage
      There is more, but for another time.  I thank you all for visiting here, and I hope you are able to enjoy some fresh vegetables in your future.  I can't wait for those first garden tomatoes!

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  1. The garden posts are especially lovely. My bias. And I enjoyed the post about photo taking. A rag in the crook of a tree, I think it was, ingenious. hugs—Red