Sunday, August 2, 2015

cousin camp

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     This is a rare post, since it has family photos. In five years of doing this weekly blog, I have only occasionally shown photos I've made of family members.  But this week is kinda special, as we say, a first time for Colorado and Massachusetts cousins to be together here for 6 days. It is hot out but not uncomfortable, we have three adults taking turns with everything from food to adventures, and so far so good.  Since this is a happy time, it seemed more than OK with us to share some of that happiness.

in the yard, near the house

in the house, my daughter

said daughter in sharing mode --  she has an excellent eye!

the barn, also near the yard

What would camp be without some good stories!  This one is The Relatives Came, by Cynthia Rylant. It tells about and shows the chaos of a visiting family invasion, with everyone happily sleeping where ever there is a space and lots of hugging!

J built this swing, which has been a big hit. It hangs from a sycamore branch. This early photo is by me,

and this photo is two days later, by R, and I love, love, love it. The light is right!!
     Then there is the pond,

  making our own pizzas,

J, chef extraordinaire

 reading in bed (kid version),

photo by R

and looking out at the doe and her fawns who continue to come to eat the apples from our loaded apple tree.  They do not seem bothered by a visiting dog or the competition from the turkeys or the noise from mowing the yard. Thanks, deer ones, for sticking around this week, and thank you, dear ones, for this wonderful week.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful family. Best blog ever!

  2. Ah I love love love the one from the back of the swing with the small shadow on the grass! Lovely. Truly, all nice images. Cousin camp! Love it! Happiness shared is an awesome thing! Enjoy all your days together.