Sunday, August 30, 2015

Morehead's same sex marriage drama, the same day as haying goes on here at home

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     The Rowan County clerk making the national news these days -- Kim Davis -- is receiving some push back from a growing number of us in the local community.  We had a rally in Morehead all Saturday morning in support, essentially, of the separation of church and state!  Not a new American value, obviously, and yet one being challenged through the efforts of outside groups and eager desperate politicians. For two months she has refused to give marriage licenses to anyone or to give permission to anyone in her office (most are related to her) to sign them.  And it continues.  I only had my point and shoot camera with me, and I wasn't feeling well, but I did make a few photos, which I have decided to share for this post.  I would like to have done better, and, darn, I feel better today.

long time family friends

on-going media coverage

Friends standing up for equality sitting down.... My photographer friend and mentor, John Flavell, is in the middle in the back, at work. 

more media, and a great poster

Elizabeth with the great flag! She is standing near the sign on the courthouse door notifying everyone that, with no reason given, the clerk's office is closed today.  Usually it is open on the last Saturday of every month.  The sign-up list is so that disappointed citizens can be assured of getting what they came for -- on Monday morning.

Meanwhile this weekend, back at the house, our neighbor, Jamie, has mowed our ragged fields, making multiple round bales, which he drove off with about 15 minutes ago.  So far no rain today, after a whole week without rain, so that is a change.  It was too wet to mow this past spring.  Thanks, Jamie.



bailing 1 and then 2

Today: Jamie had gone back to his barn to get the fork lift to load the bales.

          I will end today with a few views from around the place, a squirrel enjoying an apple, a turkey crossing the steps, the pump for the well, and a sign in the woods for what is coming next.  Happy harvests, everyone, and may equality come every day, all year long, for each of us.

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  1. Things really do get wild around Morehead! And around your house! Love the blue headed turkeys and the change up on the strips of our flag. xoxo