Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kentucky Cousin Camp follow-up, on Book Lovers Day

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       Our local indie bookstore (CoffeeTree Books) has reminded us that today is Book Lovers Day.  That is my excuse for actually reading in my book this morning for awhile instead of getting this post out in a more timely manner!  I have a special book reading moment photo that I will save for the end of this post.
       It helps that there is currently a break in Cousin Camp, though a mini version starts late Tuesday.  To tide myself over, I decided to post today some more family photos. So what follows is four sets of four photos each: the swing, the farms, the toss, and an appreciation.

       The swing J. built on day one gets lots of use. Here is one sequence I got to watch. I did try out the swing myself, but it is of course way too close to the ground for my long legs. 

                We visited nearby friends whose farms have all kinds of animals, from kittens to rabbits, chickens, guinea hens, peacocks, small ponies, goats, sheep, and llamas (to keep the sheep company and protect them). Our thanks to all.

    Then there is the Big Toss, all three cousins headed toward one big safe splash.  They had all done it before so they knew what was coming.  THANKS, J., and wow!!

    I can't help it, I am going to add a fifth pond photo, having fun with the new noodle:

         As my readers know, I am always saying thanks, and meaning it, so first are two photos of Maleigh, who helped host the gang at her grandparents' barn.  I like both these photos of her.  I hope she likes them as well! 

      Then, as a photographer, I appreciate others who carefully look at things and see possibilities.  These two photos of my granddaughter fascinate me.  She turned 4 in May, but she instinctively holds the camera well and she waits until she has the image lined out the way she sees it before making the photo. The first photo is by me, and the second one,  is by her, though I don't remember being aware of her choice of subject. I say bravo!

     Well, I have this post mostly finished, it is only 1:13 pm. I have, as stated, saved this last photo for the closing of today's post.  Our good friend George Ella Lyon came by for a visit to be with the cousins, and she sang them farm songs with accompanying washboard.  She also read a book or two, of course, and she even stayed for dinner!  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.



  1. Oh my I love these photos! So many of them make me so thankful i will soon be back "near the neighborhood" CAN anyone live in a city? One favorite photo is the first-standing in the swing. Love it!