Sunday, September 13, 2015

4H, Elliott County, part 2

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     I have realized that one reason for sharing these photos of the September 3rd 4H show is totally to give another view of the eastern Kentucky that is currently under national media scrutiny. Any place will show its imperfections under these conditions. Yet I have long been an advocate for using our brains to think in terms of possibilities.  None of us understands everything, and being open to each other is more important than slamming doors. Human beings are not all going to think alike, which brings a richness to our culture and to our country. I can celebrate the efforts of these 4H kids and their families even if we might not always see eye to eye on everything. I have appreciated the many conversations I seem to be having recently about what equality means to me and at the same time listening to how others see things. I am grateful for all this communicating with folks near and far!  HOWEVER, I think we ALL agree that this media stuff needs to end sooner rather than later. Enough!

     OK, back to the corral....  I thought today I would group the photos by participant rather than do the usual chronological thing.  First is MaKayla again, a senior in high school, whose photo ended the previous post. She showed both her wether (a male lamb) and her heifer.  First, with her wether:

answering the judge's questions

The wethers may look alike to some of us, but they are judged on very specific aspects.

Congratulations on a first place!

Next comes the judging of the heifers, and keeping them in line with the rod,

and another first place!
   MaKayla tells me that the next step for her heifer is that her dad plans to breed it. (My photos here are not first place ones, and I'm sorry for that, but they do give the big picture.)

    Next is MaKayla's cousin, Issac:
with his wether

Issac looking serious, which he often is, as well as often being the top performer at 4H events

Issac with his heifer, which was sold later during the evening sale event.  I believe I heard him say that he sold every animal that he showed that day.
      Other bits from that afternoon:

MaKenna, with her heifer

and with her wether
two hogs, nonchalantly awaiting their turn to show off

Photographer's privilege: a cute kid, though I don't know his name!

But this is his mom, who was taking photos like I like to take them! I did ask her permission to use these photos if it worked out, and she said sure, no problem!  Thank you.

      As always, it's fun to be there, to learn about the animals, and now to share these photos on this post.  I also try to give copies of the photos to everyone I know who was part of the show.  I would have liked to be there for more of the two day event than I was able to attend this year.  Great job, everyone!

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  1. I learned a new word: wether. Confession, I've probably read it on your blog before, looked it up, and then forgotten. But I've got to come across a new word about elevendy-hundred times before I actually take it into my working vocabulary. Thanks. I'll bet all the kids loved your extra attention at the show!