Sunday, September 20, 2015

guest photos by Rachel Carpenter: a Monarch Butterfly emerges

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          A brief break from farm animals, equality in the USA, and hay bales to check on something fascinating that happens annually to keep our world working for all of us. My friend Rachel, who lives in central Indiana, hatches out Monarch Butterflies every year; I have had her photos on this blog before.  
          This year she spend ten minutes watching a Monarch pupate into a butterfly, and she sent me 9 photos she made during that time.  I am sure such photos are available somewhere on the web, but I prefer these, which provide a personal connection to an ordinary miracle, if there can be such a thing.     
          Rachel wrote: "There are a ton of monarchs around here this year, and I have raised quite a few.  I got some pictures of one "pupating" that I thought you might like."  She also recommends "a neat website about Monarch migration:".

       I decided to embed the 9 photos via one of my Zenfolio Galleries, in hopes of keeping the photos as sharp as possible -- as well as to cut down on my (growing) frustration to get it all to look as good as possible.  I hope this system works out for every visitor to this site - thank you for giving it a try.  Click on the far right box-with-arrow to get the slide show, and then at the end click ESCape to get things back to regular size.
       And thanks, Rachel, for the Monarch support work you do!

a monarch butterfly pupating: