Sunday, September 6, 2015

more about equality, and news from the late August 4H event in Elliott County (part 1)

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       I did stop by the Rowan County Courthouse on Friday morning, on the way to Winchester and before picking up someone planning to ride with me.  The temperature was hot, the place was covered up with reporters, and there had already been that first wedding license granted, now that the County Clerk, Kim Davis, has chosen to be in jail (in the next county) rather than resign or change her opinion about the conflict between her religion and the law of the land. Since licenses are finally being granted, there is no more picketing for equality at the courthouse, but it may happen that the clerk's supporters will continue some form of witness. No one wants Davis to have to do jail time, but the judge felt there seemed no other way to communicate the seriousness of the issues involved.
        Anyway, here are two photos from my stop-by. Everyone knows there is still a lot of learning going on and will be for years, but a lot of brave couples put themselves out there to help bring about more understanding and less fear. It is not an easy change, but one definitely needed as our nation continues the on-going struggles for equality for all Americans.  In even simpler terms I do feel it is mostly about love. Here's a shout out to my friend, Jennifer, for her energy and her total and fearless committment to equality.

Now on to 4H, and the annual judging and sales of the animals these students have cared for and learned from.  I think it is so fascinating what they learn by doing.

I didn't arrive until the showing part was under way.  It was sheep time; the rabbits and poultry and goats had already been judged. I walked around to take some photos of what I had missed.

a cage with three roosters, when usually it is two hens and a rooster

Many kids and adults were wearing this t-shirt for the event.  I asked this boy to hold still a minute so I could get a photo of all the words on his back.  He is a twin of the other blonde boy wearing the same shirt.
             OK, now the sheep, starting with the youngest 4Hers. The winners then go to stand in front of the 4H logo sign to have their photos taken.

  There seemed to be lots of sheep wandering around with the students they belonged to.

MaKayla is now a senior in High School and very skilled with her animals.  I thank her for letting me ask her for a quick pose.  I think this is my favorite of all the photos I made that afternoon.
     Next week a bunch more 4H photos!  Today I want to end with the fleeting photo I made when Jamie was already headed home with the bales of hay from our place while I was finishing last week's blog.  Thanks again, Jamie!  I love where I have been living all these many years. 


  1. I love where you have been living all these years as well. Well, maybe not as well as you do, but, you know, in addition to you loving it, I love it.
    I liked the sheep pics and the t shirts! I'm all about non-c0mpition. Except with one's self. xoxo

  2. Great updates on controversy and from 4H
    Especially liked girls with sheep and ribbons.