Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stretching out the beauty of autumn and remembering 2013

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       No one should want me to explain how hard I have worked all afternoon to access my photos of the last two weeks that I so badly want to share.  The truth is I have not been successful.  SO, since I did get positive feedback from my post repeat for last week, I am going to go that route today again.  TIme travel -- to 10/30/13.

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       This week's post is all about 48 hours of trees and color, Wednesday and Thursday.  By coincidence, I had plans to meet two close friends for lunch in Prestonsburg -- two hours away -- on Wednesday.  However, I barely made it out of our driveway because it turns out that was the day fall peaked.  It was beautiful everywhere.  But, even with all the driving I did -- and it was all exhilerating -- nothing was any more beautiful that day than our driveway. 
       [These 2013 views do look a lot like it has been in 2015, though with my new camera, I think my photography is better.  One day soon I will find out!]
This is where the driveway opens up, close to the house I am leaving for the day.

halfway out, looking back at where I had come from

a second look

by the side of the driveway

Because I stopped and got out of the car, I happened upon an unusual sight and one which turned out to be very brief, since the wind soon blew the web away.  I am thrilled with these three found moments.

I continued out to the road, looking left,

and looking up, while stopped,

looking out again, when the driveway crosses the pipeline area,
looking left before turning right and heading to Prestonsburg,

and passing the neighbor's fields and woods along the road.
      More next week. I have to confess I went a little bonkers with my camera despite some challenging weather conditions.  All these photos are made during that one day, the day  before Hallowe'en.  
      Speaking of Halloween, I want to add this colorful photo of the season:

Lovely Mary!  Great colors on you!
     I am now going out for a short walk, before it gets too dark (earlier than yesterday.)  I'm glad to be able to share these wonders with whomever makes it here to this post!  [And glad to be sharing them in 2015 as well.]

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  1. You did good, beautiful woman. I loved the spider & leaves suspended, as was this memory. Thanks!