Sunday, November 29, 2015

thankfulness, shown in some of this year's photos, part 1 of 2

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     First of all, I am thankful for this blog and the opportunity it gives me each week to check in with my work and see what photos I took that mean something to me.  This week and next week, I'll be looking through this year's photos with my "grateful glasses," which I believe I wear part of every day of the year. Of course not everything I see with them will show up in these two posts. So, if you know me, and what you might expect is not shown, worry not - there are those pesky space considerations, AND sometimes I don't have the    right photo of something for which I am truly thankful.

      What looms largest is the weeklong cousin camp that took place at the house in August!  We had so much simple fun -- and I took some happy photos, some of which were already posted a few months ago.


most recent photo of cousin camp director (photo taken in Massachusetts)

      And now for a photo of the missing cousin, who had a summer job he couldn't neglect and in another state. Here is Nik setting up his drums at his house:

       Next, the two siblings together. Guess which one is showing us his or her college dorm room! Bravo for a good start to your new endeavor and its adventures!! 

     Now, as always and often on this blog, I celebrate the beauty of where I live.  I am thankful all these images show up in my life, especially when I happen to have my camera with me....

   I am also grateful for such moments as unexpected skies, and for the lone cow then standing there "in reflection"....and within reach.

       With these beautiful Appalachian hills come wonderful Appalachian neighbors and friends, who help me out, make me laugh, and who are patient with me and my camera.


       This is so much fun to do, so MORE NEXT WEEK Should I say, "until then, just keep on truckin'?"

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