Sunday, November 15, 2015

recent photos during my travails with the iPhoto to Photos transition

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       Even though I am still struggling with the finer details of the new PHOTOS software on my Apple laptop, there has been progress. It helped to be in Lexington Friday where there is an Apple store. I went there, and I quietly insisted they help me. Right then. I live two hours away, I pointed out. No, coming in again and taking my chances in the morning is not an option.  And then Adam walked by; I was told I could ask him 5 minutes of questions.  Well, I can ask anyone 5 minutes of questions since that is how I think. But Adam ended up staying with me until I could ask almost all my questions! Now, even if I can't remember exactly how to get where I want to be, I at least KNOW that place exists and can be gotten to. SO I am vastly encouraged and no longer totally freaked out. Isn't that a pretty good definiton of progress?
         My plan today is to try sharing some recent heretofore inaccessible photos.  Please just celebrate along with me if indeed that is what I manage to accomplish.  

      First, here are some views while driving back from the county seat where I paid the property taxes and picked up my refurbished laptop.  Thank you, Maynard!

       Along the way, I passed this former two room school, now a community center with lovely cliffs to the left. The schools in this county were consolitdated in the early 70s. 

     More views along the way -- I do pull off the road in order to make such photos...

      Two terrific teens -- close friends with each other -- brought up a whole load of wood from a waiting pile in the our woods. Half the load went on to the porch, see below, and this remaining half was on its way to the barn.  Thank you, J and J!  And thanks, F, for preparing the pile last fall!

      This last photo is the home of one of my neighbor's. I like the way the tree in front of it has lost enough leaves -- but not all -- so that the house is visible behind the screen of branches yet remains part of the glory of the season; it ends up, sort of, hiding in plain sight.

         If anyone has had trouble downloading the photos in this post, please leave me a comment to mention that.  I am not 100% sure yet if everything I did was exactly what needed to be done. Thanks! Using the Anonymous option after clicking on Comments lets anyone send a comment my way.  Next week I may be able to share some of my photos from France, in recognition of the senseless yet serious tragedy there this week.

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  1. No problems seeing your photos--success! Love that last one, hidden in plain sight. xoxo