Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gardens, evening walks, and being present

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        Sunday evening greetings three days after the solstice! Winter, here we come.....
       I've been enjoying everyone's gardens -- especially since I don't have one of my own this year. I'll try to feature various ones over the summer, though of course at this point they all look so deceptively clean and orderly compared to the abundance and chaos that lies ahead... Jean gave me a cucumber from her garden last time I was over at the barn being rebuilt, and, as always, I look forward to the first REAL tomatoes. I'll have to dig up, so to speak, the poem I once wrote in homage to the first drippy delicious BLT of the summer.  Melva, I am saving my photos of your early garden to pair them with ones I plan to take in a couple of weeks -- a sort of "before and during" show. As always, thank you for your weekly comments on these posts!
        I'd like to share this link to some valuable information about possums, who don't always get a fair rap, and who sometimes like to kill a chicken in the night....
       OK, now here are a few photos of the brand new first-time-laid-out garden that my daughter and my son-in-law are tending and trying their first summer being back in Kentucky. BRAVO!! 

looking from the house toward the barn

barn behind, house ahead, with wildflowers sown on the right

how tall photographers see potted herbs

another patch, another view toward the barn
       I gather that after all the rain we had Friday and Saturday -- which caused a lot of problems, actually, such as broken water lines and flooding in certain locations -- the three gardeners went wild playing in the rain and the pond, etc.  After all, a big rain without thunder and lightning is a whole different experience. And the house is on a hill so not easily flooded. In any case, I thought the boots-out-to-dry were very picturesque.
 Here is the wearer of the red boots.... and our hands measuring one another...

        For a balance to such exhuberance, I am also sharing a walk I took before dark last night in my current "neighborhood" -- very quiet, no cars, newly mowed fields, lovely skies. I didn't even hear a dog or see a deer.

headed up the hill from Sideway Road

passing Thelma's house

This tree row lining one of her fields feels British to me. Go figure.

more of her newly mowed hay fields along the way

        Here, to end, is another unexpected sky from several nights ago, along the ridge.

       Evening walks can bring on pensive musings: May we each have peace in our lives, as well as in the beauty around us, and practice problem solving to make it happen. 

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  1. Love how tall photographers see potted herb! and the hands. I love hands. I love you!