Sunday, June 4, 2017

recent photos of clouds, a barn rebuild, and flowers in northwestern North Carolina

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       Three weeks since my photo class ended! Summer has arrived! I took a brief road trip through 4 states when a friend from Indiana, Rachel, drove to North Carolina to pick up her daughter at the Arthur Morgan School; she picked me up, too, en route [see Garden Flowers and Ice Cream!] Now that the class has been over for 3 weeks, I finally had time to stop by to check out the enormous barn redo that my neighbor Jonathan has been doing -- lowering the roof to make the barn last another several decades, replacing some rotting posts, etc. (This project is in addition to both his full time job at the Little Sandy Correctional Complex state prison and the care of his own goats and fields and family!) And, in May, there were some spectacular skies around here, though I only recorded them one time.

Flowers, first in the garden and then Mountain Laurel while walking along the road: 

Mountain Laurel

Can you tell this used to be a tobacco barn? It will now be used for live stock, including horses.

Jean's garden

-- more barn and garden photos from here soon --
 And now the sky, over time, one evening, from Sideway Gallery:

OOPS, I almost forgot the ice cream, from The Ice Cream Deck, in Burnsville, NC:

Rachel's nephew, Adrian, ate the whole thing! including the beautiful scoop of blueberry kale!

     To end, I want to share a beginning -- this morning -- the first lily from this bed of lilies outside my front door.... I do nothing, and they come up every year. In these unsettled times, this is reassuring. 



  1. These are great. Did they remove some of the siding from the barn or did they raise it?

  2. I enjoy all but especially the sky shots. And I love things where you have to do nothing!