Sunday, January 2, 2011

another way of seeing our woods, cliffs, and waterfalls

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        We are fortunate to have a generous friend who loves to come stay in our home when we are away.  So, over Christmas, after the snow, he was here and could go down to what we call the first waterfall. (See post #2.)  Oh my gosh.  He is a very accomplished working photojournalist, but even so these photos are stunning.  And ice is hard in more than one way.   I asked if I could share two of them in this blog; if you want to see the rest of them,  go to his Winter Walk 2010 section.  The last photo in that slide show is the red-bellied woodpecker who comes to our feeder on the black walnut tree where I took the first pileated woodpecker photoThank you, John Flavell, and bravo!!

     Can you find the one in the other?
      We had rain most of yesterday and a general melt down, but thanks to John's two + hours in the cold I can share here moments of beauty from this last storm that also was the cause of such havoc in the eastern USA.
       Happy and healthy warm wishes to all in 2011, Ann

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  1. It is another way of seeing. John's pictures in here and your words about them make this a bigger place.