Sunday, January 16, 2011

redwoods and babies

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            Time for me to lighten up in this new year.  I do want to reach out to that inner sassy that I wrote about in post #1.   And chances are I am showing the love of my place by sharing what I take photos of when I am away from home. 
            So, first, let’s start with the very old.  Some redwood trees!  Which are also very tall.  Very humbling.  Very magical.  I think of all the travelers who have admired them over thousands of years.  (How could ANYONE say that if you have seen one you have seen them all.  Maybe instead that's what these trees think about the travelers….)   I remember ferns from earlier visits, but this trip I learned about clover (everywhere!) and redwood needles which look so ordinary.  Did the size of the trees keep me from noticing such details the last time??  Or are my eyes better after doing more photography?  We will never know.
            It is true, however, that for me such photos are more a record than anything else.  It is simply a sharing of where I was privileged to be.  It's what I saw that was beautiful and stirring.  But I am grateful for photography giving me a way to experience where I am with greater intensity. 
note: clover ground cover
looking for the tallest, not knowing which one it was

redwood branches


    Let's go now to the very new -- I share this photo of daddy shoes next to his daughter's shoes, along with the news that the grandson has not yet arrived, even though I have saved this spot on the blog for him before I return to Kentucky tomorrow.  So, what can I say, except that having a baby arrive on someone else's schedule is "no small feet...."


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  1. How wonderful!!

    The redwoods, your photos, your words.

    Thank you!