Sunday, January 23, 2011

sharings from the wider world

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        My plan was to avoid snow photos today because there seems to be more than enough of the stuff already!  But then a friend's recent email included these thirteen words, a poem called "Like Snow," in Wendell Berry's Leavings: Poems (2011):

      Suppose we did our work
      like the snow, quietly, quietly,
      leaving nothing out.

     Yes!  Is that not a different way of seeing the ordinary?  And that's what I hope this blog is all about as well. 
       So I went outside to do some seeing -- after throwing a jacket over my nightgown and putting on my yellow rubber Wellies.  The temperature was around 18 degrees...

early morning light, looking south
Visitors last night!  And action!  What we miss by sleeping....(See next photo for detailed view.)    

see wing print, top, on the right


hay rake, later, along Mauk Ridge (I was better dressed when taking this one....)

     I had wanted to include this link today to photographer Milton Rogovin, who has died, at age 101.  Such stories help me find my way in the photography world.  I learn answers to questions I didn't know to ask.  This artist I would have loved to meet.  Here is the link to a few more of his photos, and Scott Simon did a fine piece about him Saturday on NPR.
      And in honor of future word plays on this blog, I can't resist recommending this story about the bird seen inside the reading room of the Library of Congress.  It's a hoot!  I'm glad someone took photos!  The comments section continues the comedy of it all.  Thank you, George Ella, for finding this.

      That's plenty of bits for today -- words, links, birds -- all falling in a friendly way out of our shared sky.

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