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Back to Appalachian ABCs

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       Back to the book!  Today is I, J, K, and L.   So I am searching through the photos I already have to provide some possibles.   'Tis more of a time-consuming task than I would like to admit, between the distraction of remembering where and when I was at the time of the photo -- i.e. time spent telling stories to myself --  and my imperfect labeling system.  I do know I am not the only photographer to let the number of photos get ahead of the sensible filing of them.... though the truth is I do take advantage more than I should of having a decent visual memory.
       Please note: I took the lettuce photo away from the G section to use here today, and I put a different photo in G, for garden....Remember that the section words in italics are ones I have added, with photos, for later discussions with George Ella about the book.

 I  i    --       iris                  ice


ice, on the pond, and the photographer's shadow, too!
icicles, a favorite photo of mine from our waterfalls, taken by John Flavell

J  j       --         Jack-in-the-pulpit          jeans

Jack-in-the-pulpit, deep in the woods

jeans on the line

K  k     --           killdeer                   kitchen knives               kitten

                       [My slide of Killdeer eggs, from Counting on the Woods, is not filed correctly,
                         so I have not found it yet.  I WILL FIND IT EVENTUALLY, then scan it to
                         digital and post it here.  Please stay hopeful.]

kitchen knives

 L l    --      lady's slippers           leaves, leaves, leaves             lettuce

yellow lady's slippers, deep in the woods

leaves in the fall

tobacco leaves

maple and vine leaves
leaves in autumn, out the back door

leaves in the woods in spring

lettuce, in the cold frame
    As always, suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.  I hope others are also thinking about what photos they would show were their place to be viewed through the alphabet!  

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