Saturday, May 19, 2012

now on to M and N, in eastern Kentucky

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    I have had a pensive week, but I also got carried away by M!  But, finally, today, I am sharing some of the possible photos for M and N as part of the draft of Appalachia, Bluebird, Creek.  A reminder: the words in italics are ones I have added to the original suggestions from George Ella Lyon.  Not every word has its photo yet.

M m     --       mailboxes           Mauk Ridge          mayapples           mist      mules

Can you find the second mailbox?  If not, see below, under N, below.

morning mist, on Mauk Ridge (A)

mist, nearby, again on Mauk Ridge (B)

mist in the mountains

morning mist, in May
morning mist, on meadows
mist after the storm, at sunset

       (I guess it is no mist-ery that I love how mist transforms where I live.  Of course, in addition to being lovely to look it -- and to photograph -- it provides health to the forests.) 

mayapple, in bloom
mule team

N n      --          neighbors                  nests                 nuts                 

where our neighbors live  (see mailbox photo!)

neighbors and family

nuts,  as if on a table after a feast
nuts on the walnut tree

   And, to be added later - two nests, from Counting on the Woods.  Thanks for hanging in here through the whole alphabet!  As George Ella writes, only 26 letters but Zillions of reasons to love the Appalachian Mountains.

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