Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day distractions

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       Steady rain all day today, and the chance of thunder, which meant caution with the computers.  We have lost one or two to lightning over the years, so, when in doubt, we unplug.  Also, on the way home from town just now, I was stopped in traffic for an automobile accident ahead of me that took quite a bit of time to sort out.  It is a reminder of what could happen to any of us. 
      I have had a different sort of day than I expected to have, including not being able to complete the post for this week.  I look forward to a better blog day soon!  I do hope this Sunday has had good parts for everyone. 
      I took this photo today, and, appropriately, I am calling it "a leap of faith" --  the squirrel makes it from the walnut tree to the willow tree once again! 

      Lastly, I can't help wondering if this a mother's day photo or not....

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