Sunday, May 27, 2012

O and P, for the alphabet book

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     This week I have a special guest staying with us, who has learned her alphabet well and is using it now to read some words.  She is visiting us on her own for the first time, staying for a week of wonderful days, so this posting will be short but very happy!  
     As for the weather, it is a super hot day even though I am including a photo of our outhouse in the snow.  We needed an outhouse briefly 35 years ago, and still having it upright makes us feel we are ready for any emergency....  Also it begins with an O, so what's not to love about it today.

o  --         orchid            oaks         outhouse

a favorite orchid --  a pink lady's slipper

our old outhouse, seen from upstairs inside the house!

P  p   --          path           pond            puddle     Papaw                        

a path in the woods

 our pond, and weeds

Papaw in our pond with our granddaughter

a puddle in the neighbor's driveway

    Well, I better quit for now -- while I am ahead.  As usual, I will be adding more photos to all the alphabet posts as I get the chance to do so.
     I am wishing everyone a safe weekend.   I can't resist adding "and mind your Ps and Qs...."

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