Sunday, May 17, 2015

a bit of a spring sweep-up

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      Before I get heavy into summer and gardens and who knows what, I want to share a few photos from the spring that seem to have slipped through the cracks.  I took them with several different cameras, but I am going to try to present them in chronological order.
     To begin with, here are three shots from 3/25/15, which, around here, was finally spring!  First an overview, then a detail, and last a bit of local history:

I was stopped by this former side road to the one room school that I first saw, in action, in 1966.  It has been closed down for 45 years or so, after the consolidated elementary school was constructed.  .

       Another moment of local history - the day after I discovered a leak under the back wall of my gallery!  My Stanley Steamer Savior was in the process of pulling back the rug so he could remove the wet padding underneath.  He did a masterful job.  This was on Saturday morning, 4/11/15.

     That same evening several families had a spring birthday party potluck for all the Aprils and Mays in the group.  Ann (definitely not me) worked on and off all day to make her Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake -- even though hers was one of the birthdays we were celebrating.  I took this photo and the next one with my cell phone. Somehow in the confusion of the day, I had forgotten to bring my work camera.

Thank you, Ann!
       I had meant to show this photo in an earlier post, but since I made it at the same time as the party, across the street, I am including it today. 

     The next day I tried photos of the mark left by a bird on our deck sliding door. The bird seems to have flown away, though it must have been at least slightly dazed!  I always hope there is not a high price to pay for making a split second wrong decision.

  The last spring photo today is of the violets outside our front door -- at 6:30 one morning, 4/18/15. The wet, cool weather made for a beautiful display this year. Enjoy!

There is one last photo, however.  Inside shot.  Of one favorite section in my bookcase -- picture books by friends, mostly by George Ella Lyon.  I realize I should do a whole blog soon that features some of these bookcovers.  Note to self: good idea!  Thanks as always to hanging in with me this far.  


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