Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photos have the first say on this third of May

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       By first say, I mean, of course, what images most capture my fancy -- before I determine what will be in the week's blog post.  The verdict just now is that it's gonna be PEOPLE.  In my view, the change of seasons wouldn't be as beautiful without them. 
       Recently I showed the trillium on the rock photos. I saw them first with Karen and Doug on 4/18/15 (see post #238).  Today's photos are on 4/28, ten days later.  I am with Debbie and Lucy, all three of us way into photography.  

trillium still blooming, ten days later!
tricky lighting, patient friends
       I do prefer to show anything in context, a witness to where I am at the time and patient with the lighting.  This inclination of mine must have something to do with my over-active curiosity gene!

 These great guys cleared a majorly clogged drainage pipe during those days of heavy rain and saturated ground.  Jason and James, thank you for a job well done!  They are both juniors in high school.  Here is what it looked like before they were called to the scene: 

       My next people are gathered in a dry inner space -- within the rotunda of the Kentucky State Capitol.  My friend George Ella Lyon is being inducted as the next Poet Laureate of our state, for a two year term!  The Kentucky Arts Council orchestrates the ceremony; the governor speaks and six former P.L.s get to read a poem.  George Ella gave the main address, and soon after we all went outside because of a fire drill!  Congratulations to all, especially when poetry can rule for the day, Kentucky Writers Day, April 24th every year, the anniversary of the birth of Kentuckian Robert Penn Warren in 1905.
Frank X. Walker, the "retiring" P.L.

      Now two photos of George Ella -- I am sharing the first one EVEN THOUGH it is not what it could be. I love her expression, but I did not hold my camera still enough to capture it with the clarity I would have preferred.  However, she is acknowledging her family at the beginning of her remarks, and I think she looks loving and happy, so I am not able to dismiss this photo entirely.  The second photo of her could also be sharper, but it is the only one I took at that time.  (Gosh, honesty can be interesting but also difficult to own up to.)

      Last set of photos today: my neighbor Natalie was showing me her baby goats, especially this chocolate one.  She and I have just been to a community theater performance, but she was in her barn outfit in a flash so she could show me the new goat.  I love it.  Thanks for coming with me Sunday, Natalie, and letting me take your photo with the baby goat and the baby rabbits.

CUTE - and quick!

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