Sunday, May 24, 2015

the beauty of cemeteries, in eastern Kentucky

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       During yesterday's evening trip to town for groceries I drove past multiple cemeteries, all beautifully cared for, ready for this Memorial Day Weekend.  As readers of this blog already know, as a photographer and as a resident, I have been very taken with these family cemeteries for a long, long time. So I decided that today I would show some of my earlier photos of some of these places. Then this evening and tomorrow morning, when the light is better, I will take current photos of cemeteries nearest to where I live to post next Sunday. (I post once a week, usually on a Sunday.)

        First, a cemetery in nearby Rowan County, connected to a small church which is no longer in regular use but in a beautiful location.  A friend who plans to be buried here was showing the place to me, near where she lives.

         Now a second pair of photos, in the fall, also connected to a church and in Rowan County.  I took these during the funeral and burial for the wonderful matriarch of a large family, Don Rita Butler.

     Next are three of the photos by John Flavell when we both photographed the final two miles to the family cemetery, for Dempsey McDaniel, at the family's request.

    Here are some photos from there later. I had my eldest granddaughter with me during that visit.  (I took some photos from this cemetery today, during the family gathering, which I will share next week.)

       This is the view from the hill where the cemetery is located:

      The next two photos are from the Catron Cemetery, again on the top of a hill, 

 and these last two are also along the ridge I live on. I include the mailboxes, because it is an indication of where I was was standing while taking the photos.  (All our mailbox numbers have changed since I took this photo, however.  We now have 911 in our county....)

      We are having beautiful weather this weekend. It is rich for families to gather in memory of family members no longer living, but not forgotten, giving the youngest generation a connection to their family history and a chance to play with cousins, among other things. I hope some of my readers share my interest in these important places.

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  1. I visited a graveyard that I walked to from trails on your farm recently. I didn't take any photos but it was peaceful. Mr Man & I walked several hours in Lexington Cemetery Sunday afternoon. Lots of shade there. x0x0