Saturday, May 30, 2015

eastern Kentucky cemeteries, part 2

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        Memorial Day Weekend, 2015, northeastern Kentucky
Two cemeteries side by side on our hillside:
 great grandparents and their great grandchild

looking back on those same graves from the second cemetery

a church house cemetery:

a visitor, just like me --

 The McDaniel cemetery, recently added to:


I visited this next cemetery nearby for the first time, and the family was there. I was so glad to visit with them and find out the story of the place.  The next photo shows the oldest of the 6 or 7 graves, and it belongs to the original owners of the farm.

The last photo is of another small cemetery, this one in an out of the way place in our county.  I have always loved it, for some reason, and I find it fascinating.  There have been some graves added since I first discovered the place, but I like this early photo I took best.  In fact, it is my favorite cemetery photo.  I title it "another spring".


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  1. There is something lonesome about the phrase "Gone but not forgotten" to me. I like the two visitors, that's a nice touch. These photos really pop when I click on each and they jump enlarged with every detail so magnified! I forget that from time to time. x0x0