Sunday, May 10, 2015

a multi-generational birthday celebration, and this weekend's chicken saga

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       Running a little late today posting my weekly blog entry.  Traveling.  With too much to do before I left.  In fact, I hear I left the chicken house door open by mistake, and now my last two chickens have been killed by a beastie.  Or maybe a pair of beasties.  I am sorry because they were such remarkable layers.  Every day for years.  I will try to find some like them before the grandchildren show up this summer, since they are all really into gathering eggs.  I give thanks for those wonderful hens, as I told them every night except two nights ago. 
        For today I have had a request to post additional photos from the 80th birthday party, so I am going to try to do just that.  This was the party I arrived at late because of getting a flat tire on the way over.  Four generations of the neighbors-who-treat-me-like-family.  I wasn't there specifically to take photos, but I can never resist taking a few.  I am including a couple which are not perfect technically speaking, but give a flavor of things nonetheless.  Actually, many of my photos are not technically perfect, and I rarely use Photoshop.  I think it is just an obsession of mine to show what I see and share what I can, especially in a situation like this where the lighting was tricky and the place was crowded, etc. and I am simply enjoying the occasion.

This is an overall view from when I first arrived.  People standing up are filling a plate!  The birthday girl, June, is front and center.

the birthday cake, made by June's niece, Vivian

This is the best I could do for Sandy that afternoon, but I wanted to include it because June is her mother,

and Diana, who lives in Michigan, is Sandy's older sister.

blowing out the candles on the cake

I like this photo of Gayle with the hanging balloon.

June and Vernie, let's see, they are sisters-in-law.  Vernie has since passed away, and we were all at the visitation and/or the funeral last week.  It is always so hard to lose a close family member.

June's son, Billy

Vernie's daughter, Darlene, and her husband, Eddie
The youngest generation --  three cousins:

   I hope this does give a flavor of the party, which was lovely and delicious and generous.  If anyone should want a photo removed from this photo story, please just let me know.  I am always clear that I have privacy concerns, so I don't ever want anyone to be uncomfortable about a photo of him or her that is out there.  Thank you all, and my apologies for not getting more decent photos of the youngest generation!

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  1. Sorry about your chickens. They were good'ns. Hope you do find more. Good exercise going back & forth checking. Got a pkg in mail today. Silly, the dress. Did you wear it? No note. The pics, many thanks! xoxo