Sunday, December 31, 2017

Now it's New Year's Eve, and time to think of spring!

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       Have been having a delightful day, despite the COLD outside. I hope everyone has some warm place to be. And I mean everyone.
       Last week's post was in the present, so it's time to have the third look back into 2017. This means spring -- April, May and June. Some of these images are favorites of mine, most of which are repeats. I try to put my best on this blog when I have them, but I seem to be most interested in story and how the photos reach out to each other.
       Growing up in Connecticut, I loved winter the best. Since moving to my beloved Kentucky, I'm all over spring. It charms, it renews the earth, and there is beauty in every crevice and creek.

        Even though I have sort of been going backwards in time during this on-going review, in the following photos I'm mixing up the Aprils, Mays and Junes ....

early garden

Jeremey and Rebecca's first raised beds on their new Kentucky home

my version of a walk around the block

one of my favorite photos of Jonathan's barn renovation, open to the sky

an independent daisy -- for some reason, I really like this image

a spontaneous moment -- T. making like a Minnie Adkins rooster, outside the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Kentucky

barn with winter grass, and the photo not ruined by plenty of sun

hay on its way

Clyde's apple orchard at redbud time

my gallery (there's only one....)
another T. photo, walking in the woods with Murry, in the early spring
        Here's to beauty, poetry, music, theater, and such in the new year. And community. It has been a solace for me to gather up these photos today to share on this blog. They are all made in eastern Kentucky.  Thanks on this New Year's Eve for the support for my work that many of you have provided. Let's all persist in our dreams this coming year.

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