Sunday, December 30, 2018

Finally, the photos meant for last week's post!

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       After returning home, from Colorado, I finally had two computers to work with in order to access the photos I planned to share.  Hello to all my patient viewers and to anyone else who visits my blog.  I certainly hope that the new laptop is soon as trusty and familiar as the old one I am having to let go. I also hope there have been good moments for everyone this month.  I pray in my way that there is more kindness in the new year, more thinking outside the box for problems that don't seem to have an obvious solution, and more true humor. As much as ever, I love to laugh.

A photo I did as an experiment, to find out what would be in focus, etc.. I was thrilled I'd thought to do it:

 Nutcracker exhibit, items from the Louisville Ballet on display at the Louisville airport:

 the beginning of a ski tradition:

 bird buddies:

helper elf: 

from an annual writers group lunch/feast to celebrate another year of meeting almost every month:

Luckily, sometimes there are humorous gifts that are just right:

and ones that are just beautiful:

Sandy's decorations last year:

from this year, photo by Eric:

Well, that's it for now. Next year, I will do some others -- I should have time by then to figure out how to make some things easier to pull off.... Every year, like in politics, we can hope for better times coming.

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